February 18th.  The Wind N. generally dark and cloudy, & blowing high and very cold all day, but continued all day dry.
19th.    9❍ [this is written in the margin immediately below '19th.' sw] The Wind S. dark, hazy weather, and very calm all day, took a walk to Cemaes in the morning to see some Timber brought these but did not buy any, bespoke of Hugh Wms. of Conway the —– Timber Merchant 2 pieces of Timber for the Water Wheel of my Mill which are to be 15 i❚zz❚z inches square for 15d, afoot. pd. 3d. for ale there . about 2 in the Evening it begun to snow —– feathered snow, which it continued till 5. afterwards dry.
20th.  The wind E. & by N. blowing fresh, haveing freezed hard last night as it did the night before; A full Market for Corn, Butter &c. at LLanfechell, but no Butcher's meat at all.
21st.  The Wind E. dark & cloudy, blowing fresh & excessive cold  —– with a very hard frost this morning. My Servants all this week are fenceing and repair ing old hedges , planted Garlick this day
22d.  The Wind E. blowing high & excessive cold, haveing freezed hard last night . The Parson preached on Mat.Chap 11th. vers. 30. dry & insipid.
23d.  The Wind E & by S. calm and sunshiny, but very cold, haveing freezed hard last night. my people in the Garden are these 4 or 5 last days ( but yesterday ) levelling the walks & digging the borders.
24th.  The Wind S.S.W. calm in the Morning & a prodigious hoar frost as <white>z❚z as Snow & a very hard frost besides. it blew fresh in the Evening & cold, Sowed to day some Parsnips, Lettuce, Spinnage, Cresses & Radish . pd 1d.2/1 for ale.
25th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very high, especially in ye Evening, The Market at LLanerchmedd very full today, & rather lower than last week.
26th  The Wind N.N.E. blowing high & very cold, especially in the Evening it blew a storm, but was all allayed before ten at Night

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