February ist. 1737. [the '7' is crossed out with a different pen or pencil, and '8' is written above sw] The Wind S.W. dark & cloudy, & very calm, haveing rained a little in the Morning, my Servant are still at the same work of scowering of old hedge[s sw]—— gave Rice Gray the Harper, that had been playing here most nights since the Holy-days. 6s. the Evening of this day clear sun-shiny & serene.
2d..  The Wind W. calm, dark and cloudy all day, money being left by the Impropriator of LLanbadrick Tythes for a Sermon to be preached in that parish & this on Candlemas day, the Parson preached a piece of a Sermon on Prov. Chap. 22d— vers. 2d. the other part ( tho he is pd.for it ) to be preached upon some succeeding Sunday by way of saveing, that he might not lavish so valueable a stock of Learning Divinity – pd. Catherine Rowland 6s. 8d. pursuant to the last will of Mr. Richard Gwynne of Rhydgroes.
3d. The Wind W. calm, dark and cloudy, but dry, warm in the Morning, but something colder the rest of the day, Dick my Gardiner still at the same work of pruneing & nailing the Wall Trees. a poor Markett to day at LLanfechell for Flesh, there being onely one veal in the Markett, but Corn of all sorts, meal, salt, Bacon, Eggs &c in abundance.
4th.  The Wind N.W. calm, & very warm for the time of ye year, and dry, but dark & cloudy all day, finished pruneing & nailing the Wall Trees, & planted some Currants, and Goosberrys in the Borders of the ground in the new orchard –
5th.  The Wind S. & by W. blowing cold & sharp & dark withall, a thin congregation at LLanfechell Church, & 4 sick persons prayed for. 
6th.  The Wind S.S W. blowing cold, dark & cloudy, but dry – my people still at the same work of scowring hedges, and Dick the Gardiner sowing Beans in the New Orchard —

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