December 6th.  The Wind S.W. dark and cloudy all day, with with some little rain about ii; my people all this week ( because of the great rains are fencing of hedges, & amongst others the pinfold at Cefn y Groes. paid George Hughes ye Tinker 1s. for makeing 8 Baskets with my materialls;
7th    ●11. [this is written in the margin below '7th' sw]  The Wind E. calm, but very raw and cold, and cloudy & dark all the morning, it grew very cold in the Evening, and about 4 it begun to rain which continued for an hour or two. The Parson preached on Job Chap 22d. and the first part of the 21st. vers. quite as unintelligible as Athanasius Creed. 
8th.  About 2 in this morning the Wind came to S.W. when it begun to rain in earnest, which continued without— any intermission till 7. then it grew fair for an hour when it begun again to rain and rained very hard till past ii . then a lîttle intervall of fair weather till i. and from that time continuall rain all ye rest of the day, and I believe all nîght.
9th.  The Wind N. attended with a sleet in the morning till 8 a clock, the rest of the day sun-shiny & dry –
10th.  The Wind N. calm, sun-shiny & fair all day;The Markett in Llanerchmedd much the same as it has been these 2 months 
11th.  The Wind N. calm, sun-shiny and very fair, haveing freezd hard last night, which was not thawed all day. To Day I begin to house my Milch Kine .
12th.  The Wind N. in the Morning haveing made some frost & a great deal of snow about 6 in the morning; the wind came afterwards to S.E. was sunshiny & fair till 2 in the Evening at which time it grew dark & cloudy: it snowed prodigiously in the sea about N.W. & very little of that melted that it made this morning.
13th.  The Wind N. calm & sunshiny all day & the Snow very thick upon ye ground a great deal haveing fallen last night; My people all this week at the same work as before .

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