June 20th.  This day I sett Carrog fawr isaf to John Jones that marryed Joseph ap Robert Lewis's Daughter for the Term of four

Setting—[this is written in the margin between the line that ends 'four' and the one that starts 'years' sw] years at the Rate of 40s a year with the usuall presents; Set also Gerddi Gwynion Ganol to Thomas King and Irishman for five years at the rate of i8s a year.

2ist.  The Wind S. very cloudy and dark weather, Set out for the Cocking at Amlwch about ii. laid down 2s. towards the Suck & Coulter to be fought for. 2s for ordinary & extraordinary, lost is [1/- sw] in betting, & 1s. to Gobad Hugh Prys that carryed my Cock to— pay for his meat & drink; lost this Cocking , as I have every other this year
22d.  The Wind W. & by N. fair, clear & dry, & a good day in the hay which is [rare sw] this Sumer [there is a line over the 'm' sw], tho it made some rain in the Evening
23d.  The Wind S. dark & cloudy & very cold, & rained very hard from 8 to ii. sent by Wm. Davies 2L. 2s. to Chester Fair to buy Hops &c . Sent by him likewise 2 Moyadores [moidores sw] which are each 27s. to give to my Son(who has been in Flintshire this 3 months) lest he Should want money to bear his expences ho[me sw] – pd. 2d for ale to day at Cemaes. & pd. Owen Roberts Cleifiog 5s ffee farm Rent to Lady Bulkeley [Ou sw]t of Tyddyn y Rhôs .
24th.  The Wind S.S.W. cold, dark & cloudy, and about 2 in ye Evening it begun to rain, & from that time till night it rained almost without intermission. Dismall weather for the Hay!
25th.  The Wind N.W. dry, sun-shiny & fair, & blowing fresh, till _ about 5 in the Evening the wind came to S.W. & the Sky was overcast, dark & cloudy, but made no rain, the Parson preach on Exod. Chap 20th. vers. 8th.a piece of a Sermon yt lasted 17 minuets; & promised to finish it some other time : Thus — poor Laymen must we be used, till God pleaseth to put in the hearts of our Legislators to reform ye behaviour of our Clergy!
26th.  The Wind S. raining most part of the Morning; the Evening fair but not fit to dress any Hay. pd 4d.2/1 for Ale.

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