June 8th.  The Wind S.S W. Dark, cloudy and very cold, so cold that we were  

[this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] forced to make use of Fire in the Hall, about 6 in the Evening till 8 it rained very hard, to day I sent 3 of Pant y Gist Chickins to their walks, One to Wm. Rhobert of Tyddyn y Weyn, marked in ye lower Eye-lid right side, & in the left Nostrill, the Colour Sooty dark with some White feathers in ye back  

Cocks: [this written in large letters in the margin, opposite this line sw] & breast, a light mai[n; sw] white feathers in the Wings, Yellow legs, a yellow box[e sw]n beak:≈∼   Another Chicken sent to Owen John Rowland of Bodlwyfan, marked the same, the colour almost the same, but no white feathers in the Wings, & the legs & beak not quite so yellow≈∼ [to replicate the symbol used by WB in the diary, I have typed the mathematical symbols for 'approximately equal to' and then 'equivalent to/in the order of' here sw] Another Chicken sent to John Ambrose of Carreg fawr isaf marked ye same, the Colour very odd, being a Sort of light speckled brown, his lower beak yellow, the upper not.


6 [this is written immediately below '9th.' sw]  The Wind S.S.W. blowing high & very cold, dark & cloudy, made severall great & very cold showers in the Evening, made a gen-erall blast all over the Countrey on the fruit trees, every thing else of Vegetables very poor and backward, to day my people weed the Corn, carry the Turf ashore out of the turburry [turbary sw] to dry & plowing the Pinfold of Gadlas Newydd at Coydan, some of them still serveing <the> thatcher at Ferem, & one working the stone wall at Brynne Duon, & some still threshing the Wheat.-

10th.  The Wind W, Dark, cloudy & overcast, & the Coldest day it made since Michaelmas, some little rain at times, ye Evening a little warmer but ye Wind high as before
11th.  The Wind S. in ye morning Dark & cloudy, [A sw]nd very cold, S.W. in ye Evening then W. & N.W. & at last N. a little warmer in ye Evening, the Parson preached the Charity Sermon [le sw]ft by Mr. Wynne of Rhydgroes, on John Ch. 13th. vers.34 . spent 1d.2/1 for Ale at Cemaes The Market [the letters 'The M' are not actually crossed out, but written over one of WB's long dashes at the end of a sentence sw] very full at Llanerchymedd, & much about ye same as last week.
12th.  The Wind W. & N.W. all day, blowing fresh & very cold & scorching gave Wm. Sion Owen ye Shipwright is [1/- sw] for coming to Cemaes to see what my boat wanted. to day I Begun to mow my hay –
13th.  The Wind W. high & very cold, with frequent Showers of rain <in> the morning, the Evening clear, but the Wind high & cold, Went to day to the Cocking at Amlough, where I spent 5s. 6d. came home before Night  –

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