forbid him, & if he came not it was to him indiferent, accordingly 2 hours afterwards Robin Lewis came, Mr. Bodvell saluted him but cooly, My Brother 

aprill 25th.  Lewis very cold, but civill, I saluted him too, for I had seen him before the next day after he was marryed, he staid with us till we took horse, which might be an hour, ’tis certain his Brother Lewis of lLysdulas was very kind to him, for he took him to him at the age 11 or 12 kept him in school till he was fitt for the University, and then settled him Commoner in – Wadham Colledge in Oxford, and continued him there till he went out Master of Arts, Upon which he procured him the Viccarage of Llanidan worth 80l per annum, and I verily believe he designed him his whole Estate, for Owen Lewis his other Brother had so disobliedged him by marrying an ordinary cook-maid in Dublin and a Papist withall that I believe his Brother would have cut him off in favour of Robin if this had not happened, Mr. Bodvell told me that Robin Lewis was angry that he had not pd. him a Visit on that occasion, but he S[Nesta Evans gives a small 's' sw]aid if he had done so it would have countenanced his mean match too much, My Brother Lewis asked me if I had been to visit them, I said I had not, but did design to go: he replied with some passion, that if I went he would never love me. I had like to have forgott that there was very little buisness to be done in all the Sessions Week, and what there was, half of it was not done, but put off to ye next Sessions occasioned by Martyn the Judge being almost continually drunk & afterwards lyeing in bed till 10 or 11 a clock every day, The Grand Jury dined at Miles Bull's house, they had invited the Judge, high Sheriff and all the Counsell, & severall other – Gentlemen, and paid 2s ordinary for 4[8 sw] persons of the first Table, and 1s. for the other tables. Tom Morris of Rydcroes (who was their steward) paid Bull 14l. 14s. for that dinner, I and my Man's Charge at Bull's for my Horses and My Man's meat and drink (for I paid for my self every day what I called for) 16s which I paid him, gave the servant at David Williams 1s. after which we took horse and came out of Town, upon the way we mett with severall flocks of sheep that had been

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