April 29

this day seavenight I turned out my Cows, many in the neighbour-hood had turned them out a month ago, I gave this day 1–de for ale.

30  the Wind full. W. high & cold. Mr. John Bulkeley of Bwchanan My Ld. Bulkeley's Agent came here to day to engage my Vote and Interest for Mr. Baily. if it be against Hugh Wms. I told him, he should certainly have it, Mr. Watkin Wms. Wynn of Wynn Stay was then at Baron hill, Was to go to Denbigh-shire tomorrow to attend his own Election which is to be the 2d of May next, from thence proceed to Bridg North Election which is to be ye 4th. and will probably last 2 or 3 days & from thence he is to come to our Election for this County which is to be the 9th. he told me that there was an Association or confederacy betwixt 25 or 30very great men the, the D. of Bolton, E. of Chesterfield E of Scarborough & severall other Lords, Mr. Watkin Wms. Wynn. Mr. Sandys of Worcester, Mr. Pulteney. Sr. Wm. Wyndham, & others to exert all their Interest & power in all the parts of the kingdom to gett a Majority if possible against the Villain Walpole, & they hoped to gett amongst them 270 Members to sit in the House of Commons, whose knees had not bowed to Baal. God send it may be so. Amen.
May 1st.  The Wind. W. and cold, rained very heavy about 3 in the Morning. dry weather the rest of the day, Brought home the 7 tun & half of Coals from Cemaes that I had bought of Edward Wm. Sion Owen, they cost in the Pits 6s. 6d a tunn I paid 4s a tunn for the Carriage, 7s. 6d Port Charges to the Custom house Officers for Entring & clearing. to Wm. Prytherch the Meter fifteen shillings & six pence Duty (for he measured them out 3 Chaldrons & 5 Winchester measures at 5s. a Chaldron) & 2s. 6d. I gave him for his trouble in comeing so far, which was my own free gift, nothing being due to him. So that I paid in all for the 7 tunn of Coal five pound four shillings & three pence.


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