Decr. 28th.  The Wind E. N.E. blowing moderate, but very cold attended with showers of hail in the morning, but all this day was generally _ Sun Shiny & fair: gave Roger Hughes 5s. as Christmas box,gave the Post boy of LLanerchymedd 6d. & 6d. to Ann Parry the Dumb woman.
29th.  The Wind E. blowing pretty fresh & very cold haveing freez'd last night as I believe it dos to day in the shade; yet the Sun shined clear & fair — gave 6d. to Porthaethwy ferrymen & 6d to Moel y don ferrymen, & pd. 6d. [ff sw]or a dosen of the wreck'd Oranges.
30th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, very cold & freezing all day: about 2 in the Evening I set out for LLysdulas to visit my Brother Lewis & was there by 4: freez'd hard all this night.
3ist.  The Wind S. cloudy dark weather with a wet dew (for I can't call it rain) all this day. Thus endeth the year i753 [there is a dot over the '3' sw]
January ist. i754 .  The Wind N. W. a moist, dark day for the – most part, cold & raw weather; My Brother Lewis had a good company of Neighbouring clergy & substantiallfree - holders at dinner, & made merry till far in the night.
2d.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark weather & very raw; & rained pretty hard for most part of the night.
3d.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing moderate, Sun shiny,fair & pleasant all day; about noon I took my leave of the good family at LLysdulas ( haveing given 6s. among ye Servants_ & was at home about 2 :
4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, dark cloudy, moaky & cold weather, but made no rain all this day. 
5th.  The Wind which was all last night at S.W. was brought with a very great shower of rain about 2 this morning to W.N.W. from which point it blew very hard especially in the Evening & night, & was excessive cold: gave Pyrs 3s. that brought me 3 couple of Rabb[e sw]ts; I sent one couple together with a hind quarter of Beef that weighted 92 pound to LLysdulas & one other couple to Bodewryd: pd. likewise i3d. for a hundred of Oysters ·

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