Novr. 8th.  The Wind W, blowing fresh & very cold, makeing some showers of rain in the Morning, the Evening dry & cold. pd Abraham Jones 1d.2/1 for a Teal.
9th.  The Wind N.W, blowing fresh, cold & cloudy, but very dry & pleasant weather, my people these day carrying of Cemaes Sand upon the little field by Barn-hill house where Hugh Prŷs the Pydew lives-
10th.  The Wind W.S.W. very calm, but dark cloudy raw weather, with some mizling rain in the morning, on the fall of night it made a mizling rain again, & blew hard far in the night. to day I begun to plow up fresh ground for a winter fallow.
iith.❘4● [this is written vertically alongside and immediately below 'iith.' sw] The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold, but dry, sun-shiny and clear, it is now so dry, that most of the Mills in the Countrey want water, the wettest bottom in my big meadow under the house is at this time as dry, as in the Middle of Summer. 
12th.  The Wind W. & S.W. made some rain before day & untill 9 a clock the Evening fair & dry, my people still at the Same work —
13th.  The wind S.W, high & stormy, especially in the Evening, dark & cloudy besides, but made little or no rain all day——
14th.  The Wind S.W. about 1 this morning it blew a meer storm – & rained prodigious hard, which allayed the wind & made it very calm, about 12 in the forenoon it rained very hard again about ii at night.
15th.  The Wind W. Cold and raw but dry all day, rained very hard in the Night, the Fair at LLanfechell proved but indiff– –erent, nothing like the Fair before, neither in Number of– Cattle, nor rates. pd. 6d for Ale.

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