October 25th.  The Wind S. blowing high all day, yet made no rain till 10 at Night, a very full Fair of Cattle &c. at LLanfechell, and a great many bought at a small price, pd. 15d for Ale that was not good, sick all the next day after it.
26th.  The Wind S. & S.W. raining very heavy from 10 at night til 12 this day without intermission, with high Winds the Evening fair, dry and pleasant, at the fall of night the Wind rose again & blew very high –
27th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very high & a meer storm, about 5 this Morning it begun to rain, & rained excessive hard without intermission till 9 when it abated something but made severall showers afterwards before Night. betwixt 6 in the Evening & 10 the Wind changed from S.W. to N.W.4 or 5 times at which time it made severall showers of Hail, together with thunder and Lightning.
28th.  The Wind S.W. stormy and raining most part of the Morning, the Evening dry & the Wind Settled W. my people all this Week at Cnewchdernog a plowing the Pinfold for to sow Rye, but I believe are able to do but little good
29th.   The Wind S.W. begun to rain about 4 in the Morning & rained & blew a great Wind without ceasing till 11 in the forenoon, then fair & dry ( but windy ) all the rest of the day. went to Cemaes in the Evening & bought  (out of a Loading of Timber) 6 gwadan arad & 6 Cebist for 2s. 6d. viz 4d a piece for the gwadnau & 1d. a piece for ye Cerbystra
30th.  The Wind S. S. W. fair & dry in the Morning, but about 8 it begun to rain & blow hard, & it blew & rained incessantly from that time till 3 in the Evening, from that time, pretty free from raining but blowing a meer storm till far in the Night.
31st.  The Wind S. calm, dark, & overcast in the Morning, but. dry, about 12. it begun to rain, & rained more or less,(sometimes very hard) till 7 at Night. very few Coel-coeths to be seen this Night.

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