March 22d.  The Wind S.E. dark & cloudy most part of the day with frequent showers of still warm rain, charming growing weather.  

Pease [this is written in the margin opposite this line sw] sowed to day by the Espalier Hedge in ye Wall garden a Pint of fourty Days Pease, set also some Cabbage plants –

23d.  The Wind N.E. a clear sun shiny day but very cold, my servants still at the same work on the farming buisness, and my Gardiner now employed in clea[n sw]ing & weeding the borders of the Garden.

24th.  The Wind N.E. dark & cloudy weather all ye Morning, the Evening fair and Sun shiny, my people still on the Same work. to day I had full possession of a  — ∎∎∎∎—

∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎&∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ . [this deleted section is centred on the page, between the entry for 24th. March and the summary of the year below sw]   

Thus Ended the year 1735. famous for nothing remarkeable in England. but for the daily depredations of the Spaniards – upon the English Merchants, and no redress to be hoped for, — the English Ministry being held in every Court in Europe in the utmost contempt; and tho they have as great a Fleet now, as ever England had, in time of War, besides a Standing Army maintained these Severall years in time of peace to the Number of above 20000 men, ye no use are made of all these to right the Merchants, & retrieve ye glory of Old England, but are made use of at home to force obedience to cruell Tyrannicall Laws, which otherwise would never be complyed with.
Here begins the Year 1736.
March 25th  The Wind S.S.W. dark & cloudy in ye Morning the Evening fair warm & pleasant. my people at the same work.
26th.  The Wind S.S.W Fine, warm, gentle showers of Rain in the Morning, the Evening very warm clear & pleasant. the Lad in ye Garden preparing Hot beds for ye Bell-glasses.

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