April 19th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, dark and hazy weather all day, with some rain about 10 but about 1 it begun to rain in earnest, & rained very hard till 3. dry afterwards for the rest of the day & night.
20th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold, & generally dark, but drying all day . Pd. the Collector of ye Window Tax 6s. for my house . Monday last the i8th Inst. another of old Cloudy's Grandaughters brought forth a Colt, very beautifull with a white Star in his forehead, & his colour I believe will be dark– grey: his Sire likewise is Iago the tame Colt.
21st.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, warm, sun shiny & fair all the morning; & all the Evening it rained continually without any previous sign or notice of such change of weather.
22d.  The Wind S. S. W.  blowing high & stormy accompanyed with frequent showers of heavy rain all day, especially in the Evening & most part of the night.
23d.  The Wind N. & by W. high and stormy and pro- -digious cold, equal almost to the coldest day it made in the last winter: Publick papers mention a very rageing, infectious, epidemical distemper that has been in London this six weeks so that in some parishes they bury in each of them from 25 to 30 in a day: & ye Bills of Mortality have encreased 435 in one week.
24th.  The Wind N. in the morning; came to W. about noon, was calm fair & warm all day; The Priest preached on Job, Chap. 22d. vers. 21[th sw]. gave 6d. to a Raffle at Wylfa Gôch ye house of Rowland ab Wm. Rowland alias y Maharen bâch. A great Cîrcle about the Moon this night · Lent Ab. Jones 1s.

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