January 17th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, cloudy &dark weather attended with a driveing rain more or less almost all day – gave Pyrs 2s. that brought me 3 couple of rabb[e sw]ts·
18th.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, clear, fair, sun Shiny & dry all this day: this is the second Market after the Holy days that had not in it any Butcher's meat·
19th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing very moderate; dark cloudy weather with a dirty mizling rain for most part of the day: My people all this week were plowing at Coydan.
20th.  The Wind W. calm, dark, cloudy weather with a very moist Air like a dew all the day: The Priest preached on Isaiah Chap: 59th.& the latter part of the 8th. verse.
2ist.  The Wind S.W. calm, dark cloudy weather, with a sort of dew_like rain frequently for most part of the day.
22d.  The Wind N. E. very calm, cloudy & dark weather all ye morning but dry, the Evening was clear & something serene.
23d.  10 ● [this is written vertically below '23d.' sw] The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, cloudy and dark in the Morn - ing, but the Evening was more clear, some Sunshine, and dry all day, but the Air was very cold.
24th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh and very cold, something dark and cloudy in the morning, but the Evening was Sun shiny fair & pleasant & drying well all day.
25th.  The Wind N. W. blowing pretty fresh and very cold, but dry all day brought down some snow about 8 in the morning that covered the ground surprizingly in less than 3 minutes, but ye greatest part of it was thawed before night: bought of Rhys Bentir a hind quarter of Veal for 13d. & ye fore quarter of Mutton for i0·
26th.  The Wind N. E. & blowing very cold, the ground being thick covered with snow that fell sometime last night,& none of it was thawed, but a great deal added to it by frequent showers of Snow & hail·
27th.  The Wind N. E.blowing fresh & exceeding cold & freezing all day – and the snow so thick that no grass is to be seen .

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