July 2d.  The Wind came about 5 this morning to . W. & settled about noon at S.W. blowing moderate all day, Sun shiny in the morning, and the Evening cloudy and overcast, made one very great shower of rain about ii last night for near half an hour. Yesterday I discharged the last of the debts I owed to Mr. Henry Powell of Glan y wern in Denbighshire, by paying One Richard Edmunds by the order of Mr. Hugh Clough who marryed Powell's Daughter Eighty three pounds fourteen – shillings & giveing Richard Edmunds 2s. 6d. to bear his ex– - pences, tho I needed not to do it, haveing paid Powell from first to last & now to this man very near double the Principall money I Owed him at first for Interest onely; the Severall originall – debts I owed him being no more than 242L. which I can make appear I paid from first to last above 632L. Let this be a warn – ing how people run into debts!
3d.  The Wind S. W. blowing very moderate, generall cloudy and dark, yet very warm, and exceeding dry. Pd. 1d. for Tobbacco Pipes.
4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing high, especially in the Evening, the wind very hot and scorching. tho it was generally cloudy and dark air. yet made no rain.
5th.  The Wind S. W. blowing very moderate & warm; between 2&3 a clock this morning it rained excessive hard for near an hour, made afterwards severall showers after Sun rise for most part of the morning, & some small showers in the Evening: A great blessing which our Mercifull God and kind Father bestows upon us his very unworthy Children & Subjects! To Day I finished the carrying home my Turf. pd. 13d. for a side of Lamb.
6th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate generally, but with some intervals of Brisk gales; made severall small faint showers to day, but not worth the minding: To Day I carryed home all my upland hay and made it into a small stack, if not being half as big as usuall Pd. 1s. for a quarter of veal & 2s. for a quarter of mutton.
7th.  The Wind S. & by W. blowing fresh, & very cold in the morning sunshiny & fair; the Evening dark hazy weather with frequent attempts to rain,but made nothing to speak of.
8th. 8❍ [this is written in the margin below '8th.' sw] The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark, but brought down onely a few drops of rain:The Evening was sun shiny, clear and fair & blowing fresh—– The Priest preached on Titus Chap: 3d. verse . 14th.

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