In vain fond youth you thus Implore me

I see thro your delusive feint

that while you swear how you adore me

You'd make a sinner of your saint.


You in soft strains, and fond addresses

of me a diety have made,

and yet with Imperious bold Carresses

your Goddess you would fain degrade.


But till you bring a priest to bind me

I, goddess like will bear ye sway

in Hymen's bands you'll woman find me

then Love and Damon I'll obey.


June 29th.  The Wind S.W. a fine sun shine in the morning, but about 6 a moist mist arose, and continued till i0, the rest of the day sunshiny & fair, & my people dressed a good deal of hay

30th.  The Wind S.W. in the morning but came to N.W in ye Evening and made a very good day for the hay, my servants discharged a Sand boat, and dressed a good deal of hay besides, the parson could

☞ [this symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw]

not set his Tythe to day, onely he set Dygwell parcell for 48s & parcell y Mynŷdd for 15s. gave 1s. Charity to a poor decayed Gent.

July ist.  The Wind S.W. a fine sun-shiny day from Morning to night, & exceeding hott. dressed a good deal of hay to day, and made in Cae Caled & Cae Tŷ'n y LLŵyn 24 Big Cocks, there's hay dressed in – small Cocks enough to make 3 more which I could not compass to make before night.

Hawlfraint © Archifau a'r Llyfrgell Gymreig, Prifysgol Bangor LL57 2DG
Copyright © Archives and Welsh Library, Bangor University LL57 2DG