March 6th.  The Wind W. rained long before day & all the morning & till 2 in the Evening, the rest of the day very fair planted Rasberys this day –
7th.  The Wind W.S.W Dull & cloudy with a misling ∎∎∎∎[the soaked-through ink from the moon symbol on the next page conceals this; but presume 'rain' sw] all the Morning went to Caera along with Mr. Hugh Price who is Deputy Sherriff to Mr. Richard LLoyd of Rhosbeirio to swear him & his clark Owen Hughes drank hard there all the Evening, was i in the morning by the time I came home–
8th.  The Wind E. a calm fair day, planted rasberrys this day –
9th  The Wind E. blowing high & very cold [dry sw] Weather [the sw] parson preached on 2. Cor. Chap 5. vers. 17 a dry in–sipid discourse.
10th.  The Wind E. blowing high, cold clear & dry, planted some beans to day, & also some Cabbage plants –
11th. The Wind E. pretty calm weather dark & cloudy cold & dry - Grafted stocks [the plural 's' has been added with a different ink sw] in the little Garden. viz. 4 with Golden Pippins. Marked with ye number 5. [? sw] <[? sw]> with – Grafting ['Grafting' is in the margin, opposite this line sw] ye little, round, hard Pippin N. 9. one pear stock with a Bur[ee sw] [Beurre? sw] Pear N. 8. two crab stocks in ye Orchard by the Rose Border with Non Pareil N. 4. three pear stocks in the same place with Summer Bon[e sw]retian N. i0 — one stock in ye Border of the Poplar nursery with [L sw]yons from ye Aple tree next ye Wall garden gate N. 7. one stock in ye same border with the small round Pippin in N. [? sw] & one plumb stock in the Middle of the Poplar nursery with the Orleans plumb N. xi.
12th. The Wind E. blowing fresh, very cold & drying apace tho the roads are intollerable [deep sw] and bad yet

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