(7) Let Such raise Palaces, and Manors buy,

Collect a Tax, or farm a Lottery,

With warbling Eunuchs fill our silenc'd [Johnson has 'licens'd' sw] stage,

And Lull to Servitude a thoughtless Age.———

(8) But what, my Friend, what hopes remain for me, [Johnson has 'hope' and 'remains' sw]

Who start at theft, and blush at Perjury? ———

  Others with softer smiles, & subtler art,

Can sap the Principles, or taint the heart;

With more address a Lover's Note convey,

Or bribe a Virgin's Innocence away;

Well may they rise, while I, whose rustick Toungue

Ne're knew to puzzle, or <to> varnish Wrong, [there is no 'to' in the Johnson sw]

Spurn'd as a Beggar, dreaded as a Spy,

Live unregarded, unlamented die.

(10) For what but socaill guilt the Friend endears?

Who shares Orgilio's crimes, his Fortune shares.

But thou, should tempting Villany present

All Marl'brough hoarded, or all Villiers spent;

Turn from the glitt'ring bribe thy scornfull eye

Nor sell for Gold, what Gold could never buy,

The peacefull slumber, self-approveing day,

Unsullied Fame, & Conscience ever gay ·

  The Cheated Nation's happy Fav'rites see!

Mark whom the great caress, who frown on me!

London! the needy Villain's gen'rall home,

The Common shore of Paris and of Rome;

With eager thirst, by folly or by Fate,

Sucks in the dregs of each corrupted state;

Forgive my Transports, on a Theme z like this,

(13) I cannot bear a French Metropolis. ———

  Now [Johnson has 'But' sw] lost in thoughtless ease & empty show,

Behold the Warriour dwindled to a Beau:

Sense, freedom, piety, refin'd away,

Of France the mimic & of Spain the prey; ——

Of all ye griefs that harrass the distrest;

Sure the most bitter is a scornfull Jest;

Fate never wounds more deep ye gen'rous heart

Than when a Blockhead's Insult points ye Dart.

  Has Heav'n reserv'd, in pity to the poor,

No pathless waste, or undiscover'd shore?

No secret Island in the boundless main?

No peacefull desart yet unclaim'd by Spain?

Quick let us rise, the happy seats explore,

And bear oppression's Insolence no more.


[the following is a continuation of references from Juvenall and is written vertically to the right of the above poetry on page 275 sw]

(7) Queis [original Juvenall gives 'quis ' sw] facile est Ædem conducere, &c

(8) Quid Romæ faciam? mentiri nescio: ——

(9) Quis nunc diligitur nisi conscius? ——

Charus [original Juvenall is 'carus ' sw] erit Verri, qui Verrem tempore, quo vult,
Accusare potest.————

(13) ——— Non possum ferre, Quirites,

Græcam urbem, ———

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