Novr. 28th.  The Wind E[there is a little inverted 'v' instead of a full stop after this 'E' sw]S.E. fair & pleasant in the Morning, overcast & made some rain in the Evening the frost to-day very hard, & the Hoar frost covering the Earth, haveing freezed very hard last night. No Sermon [there is a '=' sign in the margin, opposite this line sw] to day , tho one due According to the usuall course ——
29th. The Wind S.E. in the Morning, haveing freezed hard last Night; about ii it came to W.S.W. made some little rain & thawed apace, my people carrying stone at Coydan to repair the Wall betwixt the House & Cae'r LLoriau the sky was overcast & it blew high on the fall of Nigh[t sw]
30th.  The Wind S.W. blowing high, the Air dark & cloudy — yet made no great matter of rain till near 2 in ye Evening, when it Rained heavily till near 9 at least.
Dec:<❚> ist  The Wind W. & by S. a clear dry day, and the Wind allayed the ground very wet. my servants a plowing every day at Coydan.
2d.  The Wind W.S.W. blowing fresh and cold, the Air clear and Serene, to day my Servants begun to plow Cae'r LLoriau in Coydan which was Sanded last Summer.
3d.  The Wind S.W. dark rainy weather in the morning cleared up afterwards about 8, Dick the Gardiner takes up Grafted apple-trees of Severall Sorts from the little Garden in the Meadow to replant them in Lines in the Orchard; each Sort by its self. pd. Dick [there is a symbol in the margin like a hash without the lower horizontal line in the margin opposite this line sw] the Gardiner this day. Thirty Shillings of his Wages. at the fall of night, the Wind ris, & blew a meer storm all night. a very full Market at LLanvechell. and Barley sold here as it is at LLanerchymedd from 10 to 12s. a pegget.
4th.  The Wind N.W. & blowing a great storm, dark and cloudy withal. the Wind about noon, the Evening calm & fair onely some small showers of Sleet about i a clock.

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