26th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh & very cold, lopping of the trees to day likewise, bought of David Arthur of Bodford 40 pound weight of Hops for 13 pence a pound, if I liked it after a tryall of one brewing, pd him 25s. in hand them, he is to have the rest if the hops proves good, Wm; Davies came home from Carnarvan, & brought me but 2s. back of my 12l. one piece of Double milled Drab for a Close double breasted rideing coat cost me 15s. 6d. a yard, another piece of Drab for a close coat & breeches cost me 15s. a yard, the Buttons for both the Coats, cost me 1s. a Doz[e sw]n, the buttons for the breeches 6d. a Doz[o sw]n, the Shalloon for Lineing the Coats. 18d. a yard -
27th.  The Wind N.E. very calm sun shiny & fair, some frost on the Water this Morning, wind came to the West before night.
28th.  About 3 in the Morning the Wind came to S.W. and blew a great storm, and from that time to 8 the next Evening it rained & blew incessantly, great floods in the rivers, & the ground very wet, Catherine had ye rest of her wages, being 11s. gave her 6d over & above, paid Tho: Hughes for work done at Cnewchdernog in the Corn & hay harvest & hedging about Pinfolds & other work, 29s. 6d.
∣29th. ❍ 3  ['❍ 3' is written vertically in the margin below '29th.' sw]  The Wind W.S.W. dull heavy weather in the Morning with some rain about 11. but from 3 in the Evening till 7 in the morning the following day it rained without ceasing. William Rowland ye present miller at Melin y Nant continues there upon the same conditions yt Lewis Hum-phrey had taken it, Which see in Page 13th.
30th.  The Wind W.S.W. a fair Sun shiny Day & calm, about 7 in the Evening it begun to rain, & rained (I believe most part of the Night). Ann Warmingham came here to day for John Moyle's Bond, which I delivered to her.
Decr. 1st.  The Wind S. raining hard before day, & blowing very high, from 8 to 10, dry but very high Wind, but from 10 to 4 in the Evening it rained incessantly, the rest of the Night [indiferent sw] fair. No sermon
2d.  the Wind W. & W.S.W. very cold, but dry & <sun> shiny weather, & the wind allayed, tho I believe it made great rain or Snow in ye East part of the Countrey & towards Conway, the Night. cold, dark & cloudy –
3d.  the Wind W. very cold raw weather, the ground very wet, no walking out of doors hardly for wet, spent 1d2/1 for ale –


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