September i7th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing moderate cold, but drying well & generally Dark cloudy weather most part of the day, especially in the Evening.
i8th.  The Wind S. blowing high and stormy with a mizling rain about 9, but soon left it of, but the Air all day was very moist and begun to rain again about 5 in the Evening — which it continued I believe more of less all night.
19th.  The Wind S. and moderate, but raining hard in ye Morning and a mizling rain most part of the day: Delivered to Captain Peters 17s. to buy me Some things in Liverpool. 
20th.  The Wind N. W. in the morning, calm & then dry; about 9 it rained hard for half an hour, dry afterwards till 4 in the Evening when it begun a mizling rain which brought the wind to S. back again, and continued raining all the rest of the day &I believe all the night too.
2ist.  The Wind S. early in the morning and raining hard all [along sw] till past 9, and a very great afterwards about i0, which – brought the Wind to W. all the rest of the day was dry, Sun shiny and fair; Pd. Cousin Grace Mostyn 's Bill, which was 4s. 10d.2/1 Made a very good Fair to day at LLanerchmedd.
22d.  The Wind N. W. blowing fresh & cold, but Sun shiny, fair & dry all day; To Day I received the remainder of my money for my Cattle of John Hughes of Hendregoediog, he haveing ordered 35 pounds of it to be paid my Son in London in the beginning of July last.
23d.  The Wind W. blowing fresh & cold, and generally cloudy & dark weather, but continued dry all day: Paid Mr. Bryan 2L. 2s. in part of his Bill: pd. 1s. for a quarter of Mutton, & gave 6d. to an old Servant·
24th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate but cold & raw all day with - some little rain in the Evening & in the Night; My people all this week ( except the Fair day ) were thatching the hay which they finished this Evening: Paid Cousin Humphrey Mostyn's Bill(for Salt chiefly) 2 pounds 17 shillings; pd. Abraham Jones❚ Bill being 17 shillings & 3 pence: Lent My poor distressed– Mother 6 pounds 10 shillings to pay Shop Bills &c.

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