Sepr. 30th.  The Wind S.S.W blowing a great Storm, about 2 in the Evening it rained prodigious hard, then it grew fair, and rained again on the fall of Night very hard; the Wind was allayed thereby, my servant at the same work–
Octr. ist.  The Wind S.S E. raining in the Morning, and very dull and dark weather all the rest of the Day, with some showers, and cold & raw enough, Met the Constables of this Hundred in the Evening at John Roberts the Taylor's house at Plâs yn Llan to swear them to their Lists of Freeholders of 6L. at the least qualified to serve [on sw] Juries as the late Act directs, to be returned to the Quarter which begins on Monday next: spent 6d for ale.
2d.  The Wind W. calm warm weather, with some little showers of rain. my people at the same work, others fenceing about the Plantation of Gâllt-ddu, to defend the rest of the trees, some of them being already destroyed by Goats.
3d.  The Wind S.W. fair and calm with some rain in the Morning the Evening wet & rainy, lent H.Owen of LLanddygw[e sw]l 7s.
4th.  The Wind W. very cold in the Morning, & a sharp Wind,but made no rain till night, when the Wind rose & blew very high my people still carrying Sand, and others clearing of Wild ground in Cae'r Lloriau from stones &c. in order to make it arable <some of>, my own servants enclose the waste ground betwixt the two gardens at Coydan, to make it a close or Pound to [turn sw] in Cattle that trespass on the ground.
5th.  The Wind S.W. high & blowing cold in the Morning; about # [this symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] i0 'it begun to rain, and rained very hard till almost mid– –night. Pd. Mr. Hughes of Tre'r Ddôl 4L. in part of what I owe him
6th.  The Wind W. very fair & Sun Shiny warm weather all day, my servants at the same work.To day Roger ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] Hughes the Sexton & Hugh Thomas Owen of Drym – begun the Wall from Cae'r Scubor in Coydan a cross Cae Glâs to Cae B[air sw]adle. The Market very low at LLanerchymedd

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