November 23d.  The Wind W. prodigious cold and raw all day, made severall showers of Hail & cold rain about 7 a clock, to day I begun to fence the little field by the Orchard, in order to make a kitchen Garden of it -
24th.  The Wind W. blowing high & very cold, with some showers in the Morning, the Evening fairer, & the Night very calm the Rye & Pilcorn in Carnarvan Fair to day from i8 to 19s. a pegget, Beef Tallow sold at 3d2/1 a pound. & Goat's Tallow at 3d¾. & 4d a pound, hired a foderer to fodder my Milch kine, which costs me 1L. 12s. 6. till May. the people of Boderwyd hired one for 37s. till May their common wages to me for severall years after I came here to live, was from 18. to 22s. how the times are altered!
25th.  The Wind W. & by S. very calm & raining a dirty, wet, misling rain from 9 in the Morning till far in the night with very little intermission. Set Gaerwen to day to John Thomas of Bod-halen for the term of two years at the Rent of 9L. a year (allowing him the Land — tax if he pays his Rent by the 15th. of November ) with the present of a fat Lamb, or 2s. 6d in lieu of it.
26th.❘9● [this is written vertically immediately below '26th.' sw]The Wind W. cold & raw, but dry over head;haveing finished fenceing about Cae bach which I intend for a Kitchen Garden, my Gardiner & John Ambrose are to day fenceing about the young Fir in Cae'r Gegin my people all this week fallowing fresh ground for Barley as before: pd. Hugh Wms. of LLanerchymedd's Son & his apprentice 12s for 12 days Joyner's work. rained 27th.a mizling, dirty rain almost all night. after Midnight the Wind ris , & blew very high before day.

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