May 26th.  The Wind N.N.E. a fair calm clear day & moderately warm, walked to day to Cemaes where I bought of Gabriel Jones & Lewis Hughes ten Gallons of Brandy at ye rate of 3s a Gallon they being intrusted thereto by some Cheshire people that had been in the Isle of Man with Cheese & came to Cemaes with a Cargo of Brandy:This day I set Clygyrog ucha & Tyddyn y Rhiw to John Humphrey & Richard Humphrey for one year at the rate of 13L. 10s. for Clygyrog & 17s. for Rhiw — there was to day but 6 or 7 in the Evening service at Llanvechell the Ridiculous & imorrall Custom of Acting Interludes <on> this day drawing people's Servants not onely from Church, but from attending at home, so yt on those occasions, in a manner all ye houses in ye parish may be found without a Soul in them. or about them ——
27th  The Wind sometimes N. & then N.W. very calm & cloudy in ye Morning with a great Dew & fog, clear [serene sw] & hot from i0 in ye Morning till night, very foggy & cloudy after Sun Sett ———
28th.  The Wind N.E. but very calm & clear air, & hot likewise made some little rain in ye Evening but warm; cloudy before night yet very warm & Sultry; The Market to day at LLanerchymwd as last Week, but not so full; bought there 1d worth of Whiteings X [the cross is written on top of the line, and would seem to be where the entry for 29th May starts sw] 

29th.  to day I begun to Carry stones from ye Quarry at home to ye Wall building at Brynne Duon bought of Gabriel Jones 200 & half of Salt(Six score to ye hundred) for 4s. 6d a hundred, cleared my young Fir a Gallt ddu of Bryars &c that rubbed to them the Wind all this the at E. cold & dark 

☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] weather –to day the Roof of Peirio Chappell was pulled down, to be new roof[ed sw] [Nesta Evans has 'roof'd' sw] & to raise ye Walls higher, & to make more Windows in it.

30th.  The Wind Excessive cold in ye Morning & ye Wind very high, the Wind abated, & something warmer before night, pd Gabriel Jones 30s for the 10 Gallons of Brandy, pd John Parry ye Butcher 6d for a Quarter of Veal, gave a Wench 3d. for finding my styrrop—
31st.  The Wind Var[e sw]ying all this day, very calm hot & sultry, some little Showers in the Morning – pd. 3d for ale –

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