December 20th.  The Wind E. & by S. continually freezing & snowing very hard without intermission from 7 in the morning till 5 in the Evening, it freezed afterwards — all night . pd. Abraham Jones 6d. for Wild fowl.
21st.    ❍12[ this is written in the margin below '21st.' sw]  The Wind S. cloudy and dark, and made some snow about 9 in the morning; about 3 in the Evening the Wind came to E. & to blow very high; which it did I believe most part of the night, hailing and freezing very hard at the same time
22d.  The Wind S.S.W. very calm all day, and rained hard from 5 in the morning till 7, and it continued thawing after -wards all the rest of the day; the high Wind last night has collected the Snow together in such huge heaps that the highways are rendered impassbale , and must needs —- continue so for a long time unless very great rains fall. however, one good has come from those great collections of snow, that whereas before the Earth was equally covererd, the great winds have made some part of it bare, so that cattle may find a little sustenance, which before they could not. Pd. Mr. Wm. Hughes Tre'rddôl by his Servant Hugh Tho –mas 19s. being one year's Interest due upon Price's Bond. haveing pd. last year a Guinea instead of 20s. it begun to rain again very fast about 2 in the Evening which continued for 2 hours, and made severall showers afterwards in the night
23d.  The Wind S.W. very calm, cloudy & dark, and thawing apace so that the snow is in a manner all gone, except what ye Wind collected together into great heaps which will require a long time to be all melted .
24th.  The Wind W in the Morning very calm, but cold and raw & dark withall, it came to E. & by S in the Evening was sun - shiny and fair and freezed by night.

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