August 20th.  The Wind E. & by S. very moderate, Sun shiny fair & warm all day: Set out from LLysdulas about 10, baited at Porthaethwy where it cost me 2s. 6d. came to Conway by 8 at night ·
2ist.  The Wind E. very fair, Sun shiny & warm all day, pd. at my lodging 3s. & 6d. I gave a Servant that shewed - Mr. Lewis & me Mr. Wynn of Bodyscallen's Old great house in this Town, & 1s. I gave the Servant at Mr. Hugh Holland .
22d.  The Wind S. dark, moist cloudy weather & very Sultry, is thundered & lightened in the Evening & made a great deal of rain in the night. pd. at my lodging 3s. 6d. Delivered Mr. William Prichard 3 Guineas to carry on the law Suit Wm. Humphrey confessed Judgment in the Replevin & also in the Action upon the Note .
23d.  The Wind S. very Sultry & hot close weather all day– delivered Mr. Wm. Prichard 4 Guineas to fee Councill the Ejectment Cause being to come on too morrow. pd. 3s. at my lodging .
24th.  The Wind S. very calm & raining hard all the morning till 10 . all the rest of the day was Sun Shiny & very hot & sultry . the Ejectment cause went against my Mother being tryed before that Owl Rogers Holland who has not onely no Law, but likewise no Comon [there is a line over 'm' sw] Sense : Pd. at my lodging 2s.
25th.  The Wind E. very calm, close dark weather all day; Pd. at my lodging 6s. 6d. & Set out for Beaumares about i2 : paid is. at the ferry & 1s. 9d. at the ferry house , & was at Beaumares before night.
26th.  The Wind E. very moderate, Sun Shiny & fair all day; Pd. at my lodging 2s. 6d. Ambrose Lewis who has deserted my Mother as an Attorney being now employed by her Enemy Lloyd the Irishman; Ambrose Lewis I say pd. me to day for my Mother's use 6L. 10s. (& he owes 5s. more)for which LLoyd had been Sued a year ago . pd. at my lodging 2s. 6d.
27th.  The Wind E. very moderate, Sun shiny & fair: pd. at my lodging 2s. 2d. gave Owen my Cousin Bulkeley Hughes's Son who is at school here 1s.

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