Decr. 24th.  the Wind W.S.W, cold rainy stormy weather most part of the Day, Dined with Mr. Ben: Parry the last time & took my leave with him, pd. Mary Bulkeley half a Guinea, pd ['pd' is underlined twice in a different pen, or pencil sw] Cos. Wm. Parry 5L. [8 sw]s. 0d being his Tennants Rents in Anglesey. accounted likewise with him for the 40 Guineas I had deposited with him last April ['last April' is underlined in a different pen, or pencil sw] having laid out for my Daughter's use above that sum [there is a line above the 'm' sw] including her board, whereupon I gave him a discharge for the Sd sum of ∎∎∎∎∎∎ 40 Guineas as he Justly deserved it. pd 3s 6d Ir. for Wine
25th  the Wind S.W raining hard all the morning & long before day dined to day at Coz. Parry's went in the Evening to Mr. Lewis Jones's house where we supped. and was sufficiently drunk before I got home about 1. in the Morning [t sw]———again
26th.  The Wind W. moist & cold, heart sick to day, pd2sEng. for a Coach to take the Air in the Strand
27th.  The Wind W. cold and raining very often, pd. to day at my lodgeing 2L.13s.4d Ir. pd. for Wax & Cards 3s. 4d Ir. pd for a pair of Stockins 5s.Ir. pd. for Vinegar and a Stone bottle 6s.Ir. pd for Pencills and Brass Caps for them 6d. pd for Gloves 13d. made Mrs. Parry a present of 16 Guineas being a great deal less than she deserved for her care of my dear Child [ 'ar Child' is underlined in another pen, or pencil sw].
28th.  The Wind W.S.W cold & fair, pd my barber 1L. 1s. 6d. Ir for a Wig I bought of him & shaveing me pd. my Daughter 2 Guineas & a quarter [Pistole sw] Moydare, gave ye Servants at Cos. Parry's house 4s. 6dEng. gave ye Maid at my Lodging 2s. 6d. Eng. pd Burton for punch to bring with me aboard 5s.Ir. took my leave of Cousin Parry, his Wife Miss Crook

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